Essential Oils & Absolutes

Rosewood Essential Oil

An exceptional, sustainable harvested Rosewood essential oil distilled from trees plantation grown and harvested in Peru. Aroma: Sweet, woody, spicy and floral. In skin care and hair care Rosewood is said to stimulate skin cells, help regenerate tissue, and rejuvenate skin. This makes it a particularly attractive essential oil to use in anti-aging formulations targeting …

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Labdanum Absolute

Aroma:   Animalic, resinous, sweet, balsamic, leathery, notes of amber and ambergris. Several fragrant oils are made from Rock Rose, Cistus ladanifer. Labdanum Absolute is from resin whereas Cistus essential oil is steam distilled flowers, leaves, and sometimes branches. When resin is steam or hydro-distilled, rather than solvent extracted like with this Labdanum Absolute, the result …

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Turmeric Essential Oil

This base note has a spicy, woody, and fresh scent and is a staple in both skin and hair care recipes. For skin and scalp, it fades blemishes and marks and help heal flaking scalps.

Lemon Essential Oil

A bright and fresh-smelling essential oil, lemon can stimulate the scalp and condition the skin. It is a photosensitive oil, and should not be used on the skin prior to sun exposure.

Rose Absolute (Bulgarian)

An unmistakable aroma: clear, sweet, with sparkling notes of honey, deep and rich as fresh cut roses. It adds lustre to hair and has long been used in facial toners and oils to make the complexion lighter, brighter, and more luminous. Rose is historically an expensive oil to produce because the extraction process requires several …

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Nutmeg Essential Oil

With its signature warm, spicy, sweet and creamy aroma, nutmeg essential oil is renowned for its excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory compounds, nutmeg essential oil is a panacea for a host of skin woes, from acne, dark spots, uneven skin tone, to eczema and dry, peeling tissues. Its antimicrobial properties can help keep the scalp clean and …

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Melissa (Lemon Balm) Essential Oil

With its fresh, lemony-herbal aroma, this essential oil soothes the mind and also restores languishing skin and hair. The amount of fresh leaves required to produce 1 Kilogram of this precious oil is between 6 and 7 tons. As a result, true Melissa oil is both potent and rare.

Ho Wood Essential Oil

This middle note has a warm, bright and woody aroma used in relaxing blends. Ho Wood is one of the most potent sources of naturally occurring linalol found in any steam distilled essential oil, making it excellent for soothing and smoothing skin and hair.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Like the fruit itself, the essential oil of Grapefruit is rich in anti oxidants. Primarily, in Vitamin-C. It’s antimicrobial properties are great for scalps that like an astringent environment. Helps reduce oil production.

Geranium Essential Oil

A heavy, sweet floral, geranium has always been known as a powerful wound healer and has been used in both medicine and aromatics. It sooths breakouts on the scalp while promoting healthy scalp skin and renewed circulation.