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Experience the world of The Iyarri Chronicles in a sensory way. Melissa’s books and herbal alchemy come together in author-created and hand-blended essential oils inspired by The Iyarri Chronicles, and hardcovers purchased directly from her come with these oils as free gifts.

🌿 Aroma: Alluring and warm, dragonsblood with a bright flash of ginger.

In The Iyarri Chronicles, Tiahmani is a Laidrom warrior, independent, fierce, and frightening when Aurelia meets her.

“Something was familiar about her: as dark and wild and dangerously beautiful as a thunderstorm. [ …] Her hair tumbled past her shoulder blades, the sides twisted back and accented with wraps of silver and mahogany feathers. Below her left ear was a constellation of five freckles. [ … ] Her face, while it had been pretty, was now striking, her tanned skin supernaturally radiant, as though she were dusted in pyrite bronzer. Behind her, two massive, coffee-colored wings blotted out the view of the lake.”

— Heaven’s Silhouette: Iyarri Chronicles Book 1

Select from a skin-safe dilution in oil perfect for hair, beards, or skin, a 1 oz essential oil mister perfect for a body or room spray, or a 1 dram (80 drops) vial of essential oils only for adding to your own products or to essential oil diffusers.

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Oil Blend: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Dragonsblood Resin, Camelina Oil, Jojoba Oil, Dragonsblood Essential Oil, Ginger Essential Oil, and Benzoin Essential Oil.

Mister: Distilled water, vegetable glycerin, Dragonsblood Essential Oil, Ginger Essential Oil, and Benzoin Essential Oil.

Essential Oil: Dragonsblood Essential Oil, Ginger Essential Oil, and Benzoin Essential Oil.


Oil Blend:  For the length of your hair or beard, apply a few drops to your palms, rub them together and gently smooth over the ends. For skin, measure out a few drops in your palms, rub them together and then work the oil into your skin.

Mister: Light, dewy, and fragrance filled! Shake well and mist. Avoid face and eyes.

Essential Oil: Add directly to your essential oil diffuser or used at proper dilution in your own creations. Undiluted, not skin-safe.


Oils and misters last ~6 months unrefrigerated, up to a year refrigerated. Shelf life depends on storage conditions (keeps longer when cool). Essential oil blends last two years or more, undiluted.

Author Created & Blended

These essential oil blends can be used in  diffusers to fill the room with a variety of alluring scents, or come pre-diluted in oils suitable for skin, hair and beards, or as misters to spray on just about anything!

Melissa creates and hand-blend each oil herself, using only the highest quality carrier oils and essential oils–no synthetic fragrance oils–each ingredient is something you could actually find in an Iyarri stronghold.

Nothing helps Melissa more as an independent author than choosing to purchase books from her directly (Amazon takes 56% of every hardcover sale), and when she sends them to you, she also gets to tuck in some extra goodies. Hardcovers purchased on NightBlooming or Etsy come with your choice of one Novel Blend oil, and on Patreon, you get five.

One of the key reasons Melissa decided to publish The Iyarri Chronicles independently was so that she maintained ownership to each and every one of her creative rights, and with those rights, could extend her writing into my other artistic pursuits–one of those being creating essential oil blends inspired by her world and characters.

The Iyarri use herbal-infused oils to clean their wings, giving each one their own distinctive scent, and these are the inspiration for Novel Blends.

The connection `{`of the oils`}` to the book makes it all the more special: “Yes, this is what Aamon’s wings smell like. I don’t have to imagine, I have it in my hands. –Iyarri Chronicles Fan & NightBlooming Customer

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  1. Rachel Berdan (verified owner)

    lovely scent… how it reacts with my body makes it really feel like a LOT when I wear it, but I love the scent to ground myself

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