Selkie Herbal Detangler & Henna, a heavenly blend!

This past weekend I had kind of a crazy thought: what would happen if I mixed up my Fire Genasi Herbal Hair Color with Selkie Herbal Detangler rather than just water or Sunlit Meadow? Would Selkie Herbal Detangler and henna be it easier to rinse? Make it a little less drying? I had roots that needed doing, so it was the perfect time to experiment.

To start, I added 1/4c Selkie Herbal Detangler and then warm distilled water until I had the mud how I wanted it. The Selkie did seem to make the mud blend up a little easier, and gave it a silky consistency it hadn’t had in the past. The aroma didn’t change much, but the Selkie did give it more of a woodland vanilla-herbal smell on top of the smell of chamomile, ginger, and the sweet-hay smell of henna.

And then into the crockpot to dye release!

And after just a few hours? Wow! Selkie definitely didn’t hurt dye release, and if anything, encouraged it! Keep in mind, that Fire Genasi is a more dilute henna blend, so this isn’t even 100% henna and it produced dye release like this.


Beautiful custom hair fork by
Full disclaimer, this picture is old as it was cloudy, but the color turned out the exact same!


I LOVED the results! The Selkie Herbal Detangler made the mud easier to apply and easier to rinse out. My scalp and hair were less try than they normally were after I henna, and there was no impact to dye uptake. I still got my amazing copper-red color.

This experiment was definitely a success and I’ll be continuing to add Selkie Herbal Detangler to my Fire Genasi herbal hair color from here on out. The great thing is that you could add this to any of our Herbal Hair Colors & Conditioners, or even your own henna blend!


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  1. i LOVE the selkie! I don't use henna, but its fascinating that the selkie enhanced it! AND i have SIRIUS jealousy over your custom hair fork! Its amazing and her work is so beautiful! I do have my very own leaf fork too, but yours is super special! Your hair and updo look great with that fork!

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