One woman business. All natural, hand-blended products.

I’m always surprised when people assume that NightBlooming is run by a team of people, because it’s a one-woman micro-business! In a world of short, trendy haircuts, loads of chemical dyes, and a culture in which mainstream fashion dictates constant change to meet shifting changes in what constitutes “beauty,” NightBlooming is natural, constant, and handmade.

My passion for herbal, natural hair care has let me become the natural alchemist I’ve always wanted to be, mixing powders and herbs and oils into products that deliver on quality, effectiveness and cost. My passion for writing has turned into e-books on rehabilitating damage hair, herbal hair color and The Iyarri Chronicles. The garden is growing, but we have a lot of room to expand yet. I hope you’ll join me and see what blooms.

Sustainable Packaging
Thanks for using compostable packaging and a recyclable mailer, this is one of the factors I look at now when making my beauty purchases…so disappointed to keep seeing so much plastic out there. At present, altho the henna itself is a much cleaner choice than my old dyes, it often comes in packaging that goes against my reasons for ditching the other stuff in the 1st place. Grateful to have an option that ticks those boxes harmoniously.
NightBlooming Customer
After receiving Moondust Herbal Dry Shampoo in Zero Waste packaging

Whenever possible, NightBlooming products come packaged in reusable glass containers, or biodegradable / recyclable / compostable pouches and packaging. Your order is shipped similarly, with upcycled/recycled packing materials when possible, and biodegradable tape. Every package should feel like a gift to open, with nothing you feel guilty having to throw away after. Explore all NightBlooming’s Zero Waste beauty options.

Honeybee Guardianship

My husband and I keep our own bees! Our bees are Minnesota Hygienic Italian bees living chemical-free and in top-bar apiaries made to the Golden Mean.

We’re proud to help bolster the bee population and only take what the bees themselves don’t use, harvesting only when they fill their hive and run out of room, or in the spring when they prefer fresh nectar to their leftover, overwintered honey.

Supporting the Humane Society

Tsavo became our mascot when Etsy helped us raise enough money to make this blind Bengal kitten see! You can read more about him here. He was the star of my DIY Garden Pergola Cat Enclosure that thousands of people have built! Sadly, Tsavo passed in 2020, but all proceeds from the cat enclosure plan sales are donated to my local humane society in his honor.