Psychevibes: Jasmine Green Tea and Tenderhead Oil Review

Psychevibes reviews Tenderhead Tranquility and Jasmine Green Tea Oils on her mystical and alluring blog. (You can order Jasmine Green Tea under Previous Oil Blends of the Month.)


PsychevibesHer thoughts?

Although the blog is in French, it’s easy to translate, but I’ve taken the liberty of posting her conclusion.

These synergies are very soothing . As well for the scalp as for the whole body and also the mind. I love applying Tenderhead Tranquility for times when I feel introverted and need comfort and comfort with subdued light. While Jasmine Green Tea relaxed me by putting balm in my heart.The effect is tender and overwhelming . I really loved to apply them and it’s difficult for me to choose between the products of this brand because everyone makes me travel in his own way , in different worlds. 



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