Psyche Vibes: Hair Salve & Mollymauk Oil Review

Psyche Vibes

The elusive and magical PsycheVibes was kind enough to review both my hair salves and Mollymauk oil.

The blog is in French and Google will readily translate it for you, but I’ve taken the liberty of translating the opening.

I often walk around Melissa’s shop to watch her products inspired by the seasons and their own atmospheres.Moreover, what is truly magical and original is that around each product reigns a very special atmosphere , a universe specific to each mix.. 


Hair Salve Trinity Pack

PsycheVibes found these leave-in conditioners to be very concentrated and that she only needed a little. She declared them economical and efficient, which they are! when I did a customer survey, I found that one sample of salve lased my average customer 3 months.

She did pick a favorite, but you’ll have to read the review to see which one!


Mollymauk Oil

One of my Signature Oils, Mollymauk also tickled her fancy. She found the blend intoxicating, especially the addition of pink lotus, and said that it was fresh, flowery, and very soothing.

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