Selkie 16 oz Paperbottle Trial

After ridding NightBlooming of the plastic baggies for all of my hair colors and swapping to compostable pouches instead, one of the next products I wanted to tackle were the plastic Selkie Refill pouches.

Along those lines, I’m excited to announce a trial run of 50 bottles. I’ll see how they do, how you like them, and if you do, we can bring them on permanently!

It’s not totally paper… yet, but that’s the goal. Right now they are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

The long term goal of Paperwaterbottle is to have a backyard compostable bottle, but the current version is both 100% recyclable and biodegradable. When it’s empty, crack open the paper shell, add it to the paper recycling (or shred it and compost it), then take the inner plastic bottle and recycle it with the rest of the household plastic.

Supporting them also gives them backing to keep working towards their end goal of a backyard compostable bottle, while still giving me a safe way to ship liquid refills to you that CAN be recycled and WILL biodegrade, which the current pouches wont.

Now, it’s a not-so-great and not-so-secret that a LOT of plastics that are supposed to be recycled aren’t. So in the event that this bottle ends up in a landfill? 98% of it will biodegrade in a year.

16oz Refill

It will refill your Selkie amber sprayer bottle TWICE!

Before you gasp at the price, first realize that this is TWICE as big as the plastic refill pouches, holding 16 ounces of Selkie rather than 8.

That means it will refill your 1oz Selkie bottle 16 times, or your 8oz Selkie bottle twice.

On top of that these paper bottles are very expensive– the plastic pouches are only 4 cents or so each, but these paper bottles are nearly $1.50 each. That’s part of the test, to see if you all are put off by the cost difference. (And for now I’ll also still be offering the plastic refill pouches!)

Since it’s a trial run, I’m not going to go through both the hassle and expense of printing labels for these. You’ll get the 8 oz label with the amount scribbled out, but the bottle will be full to the top with 16 ounces of Selkie! If we keep these on, then I’ll get labels printed just for them.

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I’m excited about these and hope you are too!  If you to get one, please either come back here and leave a comment to let me know what you think, or I’ll check in with you after your order arrives to get your opinion.

These sorts of bottles are very new–there’s still no perfect plastic-less option out there, but these aim to get there and hopefully supporting them helps them get to that goal a little faster!

9 thoughts on “Selkie 16 oz Paperbottle Trial”

    1. I feel the same way! The bottles aren’t perfect, but they’re much better than what I have now and I didn’t want to get in the mindset where “perfect is the enemy of good.” 🙂

  1. Darnit my normal refill just arrived! I already envision using that bottle for next years seeds, and transplanting it right into the ground! Probably would need to poke some holes for the roots but it would be a great experiment!

    1. Aw drat! I’m really curious if you try planting seedlings in the bottle, though and how well it’d work! I’m not sure if ‘landfill biodegradable’ means that it’ll break down just in dirt or if that’ll be the compostable model of the future, but it’s a great experiment!

  2. I’ve e perimented with ‘biodegradable’ bowls from restaurants or frozen meals. Theyre paper, but even if i rup them up and put them in the drit with kitchen scraps it does take that alot longer to break down. But earth worms are always up to the task! I’ve even experimented with ‘biodegradable/plant plastic’ it starts off as a pot and then when it cracks you break it up and use it throughout the garden, it’s probably been 5 or so years and theres still some pieces around but i use them cleverly to seal up corners in garden beds to keep soil errosion at bay. Just some food for thought!

    1. Aye I love them so far! It was only AFTER I got them that I wondered if they’d fit in the boxes I have… thankfully they do! They’re nicely wedged corner-to-corner in them which I think keeps them nice and snug on the way, too.

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