Salve & Shampoo / Conditioner Bars: Update & Poll

After struggling for a few weeks I’ve made the command decision that the “Selkie” essential oil blend that many of you know and love from Selkie Herbal Detangler is going to become the default signature scent for both the upcoming salve and the shampoo and conditioner bars. That way all the products will smell lovely together and I can stop trying to come up with three different-but-not-the-same but also complimenting but also not ungodly expensive essential oil blends.

What I’d love from you:

Pop over to Patreon for a poll and tell me if you’d like to see shampoo/conditioner bars or salve first. The poll is open to anyone, not just Patrons, but you may need to sign up for a Patreon account to answer (and if you’re not a Patron, nothing would make my day better than if you became one!).

Let me know if you have any suggestions for the scent name in the comments, either here or on Patreon (though you get Moonseeds if you do it here!). This is not the name of the new products, just the name for the essential oil blend currently in Selkie. I was thinking something like “NightBlooming Mist” but not that (as it’d be confusing with the misters I sell) but some name for the “selkie” essential oil blend that will now become the NB signature scent in products.

The release plan is to do the scented version of both products first, and then the unscented versions of both (if I can make them work so they don’t smell awful). I don’t know exactly when this will happen: I’m still trying to slot product development and packaging development in around keeping up with all the current items at NightBlooming, the full time day job, and a whole lot of DIY on the house because it’s summer. Sorting out which product comes first, though, will give me a little shove to making it happen.



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  1. I do like the “Nightblooming Mist” name, but I can understand the concern vs the misters. I could almost see calling the scent something like “Nightblooming Signature.” I know it’s not the most creative name, but it does give emphasis that it’s your distinct scent across products. Lol, hopefully someone better at naming things comes up with a better idea.

    Side note, it was a tough choice in the poll! Whichever wins, I’ll be really excited to try the new products. Thanks for asking for our input like this.

  2. Since that particular blend is gonna be the heart of your brand, Nightblooming Heart is rather fitting (and a bit on the nose).

    As for the products vote – *insert gif of Miguel and Tulio saying “Both. Both is good.”

  3. I don’t have any good ideas really. But heres something…

    The NigthBlooming

    NightBlooming Fragrance

    NightBlooming Blend

    NightBlooming Signature Blend

    NightBlooming’s Choise

    NightBlooming’s Magic Potion

    NightBlooming Ultimate

    NightBlooming The Original

    NightBlooming Essential

    NightBlooming Essential Blend

    1. I like the name Evantide too. I also would prefer the shampoo and conditioner bars to come out first. We couldn’t get on to the other page. Sorry.

  4. Since it’s going to be the base scent for multiple products I would say keeping it simple and brand related would make the most sense. Something like “blooming blend” could work and then you could add more info if needed like “scented with our original blooming blend, this smells like….”

  5. Would something extra simple like Moonflower work? It would pay homage to the name Night Blooming itself, while also fitting well with the general theme of things.

      1. I don’t personally think it would be too confusing, but it’s hard to tell without more input. I like how it fits with Moonseeds, since the name for your signature scent would be a prominent component of your products and Moonseeds are a prominent component of your website. You could always put your favorite options up for a vote later, if you’re undecided after thinking about it all. 🙂

        1. Along those lines I’m kind of liking “Eventide”. Tracks with NightBlooming, doesn’t indicate that it would smell super-floral (because it doesn’t). Maybe?

          1. I like Eventide, too, it fits with the sort of “sea spray” inspiration that Selkie already embodies. 🙂

          2. Ooo, I think Eventide is gorgeous and super fitting! Plus it doesn’t sound floral like Moonflower would lead you to believe, which is definitely a consideration. Evenfall is another option along that same vein of thought, depending on the mood you want to evoke with the name.

          3. Sea maiden’s kiss was my attempt at adding a poetic flourish, hahaha. Eventide is better though 😂.

          4. Although the meaning of “eventide” isn’t related to the sea, it will most likely put people in the mind of something crisp and watery quicker than “evenfall” will get them there, solely because of how the word sounds. And then like you mentioned earlier, “evenfall” has an elusive vibe to it. Which I think makes it more immediately hint at the complex layers of the scent. Whether you lean more toward Eventide or Evenfall kind of depends on what thought process you want the customer to have when they read the name. I love them both, and since I’m familiar with the word “eventide”, it didn’t actually make me think of the sea until someone else mentioned it. It made me think of dusk and mysterious things.

          5. I feel pretty silly, I took the tide in Eventide much too literally 😂. You learn or relearn something every day, my bad. Eventide means evening, lol. Got it 👍

          6. You shouldn’t feel silly at all! It’s not an oft used word, and just the sound of it evokes thoughts of the ocean and the tide. I’ve always remembered it from an Edgar Allan Poe poem called The Village Street:

            “In these rapid, restless shadows,
            Once I walked at eventide,
            When a gentle, silent maiden,
            Walked in beauty at my side
            She alone there walked beside me
            All in beauty, like a bride.”

            Plus the word “evendim” is in J. R. R. Tolkien’s work as a Hobbit word used to describe dusk, so it’s similarities to “eventide” and “evenfall” stuck with me when I first came across it.

            Words are fun. 🙂

  6. Also wanted to add, I’m not supporting on Patreon at the moment because I’m between jobs, but I did go over and vote. I picked the Shampoo & Conditioner option, even though I think both options are wonderful. I reasoned that the conditioner can also be used as a leave-in until the new salve is created, but the salve can’t be used as a shampoo and conditioner. If you happen to end up with a 50/50 split, maybe that could be something to take into consideration when deciding? I tried to comment over there, but Patreon wouldn’t allow it. So I hope it’s fine to comment over here instead! If not, please feel free to delete this.

    1. That’s a good point that the conditioner bar can be used as a leave in! And of course it’s fine to comment here instead 🙂 You comment here, you get bonus Moonseeds, after all!

  7. CamelotRavenheart

    Hi! I have 2 name ideas 🙂
    Since your scent is similar to Selkie, which lives in the sea, I thought of Ithil Aelin (Ithil is “moon” and Aelin is “lake, pool,” all from Tolkien’s Elvish)
    And I also thought of Misty Seas

  8. Since I have run out of Salve some time ago and my hair desperately needs this for maintenance, I would prefer the new Salve to be released first.
    Unfortunately I do not have any good name suggestion, sorry.

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