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Thanks for using compostable packaging and a recyclable mailer, this is one of the factors I look at now when making my beauty purchases…so disappointed to keep seeing so much plastic out there. At present, altho the henna itself is a much cleaner choice than my old dyes, it often comes in packaging that goes against my reasons for ditching the other stuff in the 1st place. Grateful to have an option that ticks those boxes harmoniously.

NightBlooming Customer

What my customer said rang really true to me, because it does feel gross trying to pick a hair dye that’s better for you and the planet and then it arrives in plastic packaging that has to be thrown away. The same thing goes for getting your order and then being stuck with a plastic bubble mailer. I don’t like it when I get packages like that, and I bet you don’t either. That’s why even my boxes, and packing tape are all recyclable and biodegradable–I want every order you get from NightBlooming to be a great experience end to end and that includes even the mundane things like the mailer it arrives in.

What is Zero Waste Beauty Packaging?

Zero-waste packaging describes packaging in which every part of the packaging are reusable or recyclable, meaning no actual waste is generated. While not every product at NightBlooming is Zero Waste, I strive to give eco-friendly options whenever I can.

Which product options are Zero-Waste?

GreenKraft Clamshells

These clamshells use 100% post-industrial raw materials, a chemical-free pulping process, and produce no waste water–all water evaporates or is reused in the pulping process. They also are produced with zero manufacturing waste, all scraps are returned to the process to be made into another container! They’re water-resistant, and are both recyclable and compostable.

You’ll find these molded GreenKraft clamshells safely protecting your Leaf and Lembas sizes of:

Compostable Pouches

These amazing pouches are compostable, even the zipper! Just cut them up into small pieces and add them in to the rest of your compost. One great thing you can do with these pouches is buy the refill version of Alluvial Chelating Hair Rinse and then add it to an artful container you already own!

You’ll find compostable pouch options for:

Refillable & Refills

Alluvial Chelating Crystal Rinse gives you the option of buying a glass jar with cork top and wooden spoon, and then refilling it using our compostable pouch!

Selkie’s glass bottles can be refilled with a PaperBottle!

It’s not totally paper… yet, but that’s the goal. Right now they are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

The long term goal of Paperwaterbottle is to have a backyard compostable bottle, but the current version is both 100% recyclable and biodegradable. When it’s empty, crack open the paper shell, add it to the paper recycling (or shred it and compost it), then take the inner plastic bottle and recycle it with the rest of the household plastic.

Supporting them also gives them backing to keep working towards their end goal of a backyard compostable bottle, while still giving me a safe way to ship liquid refills to you that CAN be recycled and WILL biodegrade, which the plastic pouches won’t.

A great trick is to buy just the PaperBottle refill and then fill up a (clean!!) spray bottle you already own!

Paper Packaging

These roll-top brown paper bags lined with a plant based polymer that makes these bags 100% compostable! The bag is made with 40% recycled material and contains 25% post-consumer waste.

You’ll find these bags as options for:

Enjoy NightBlooming loose leaf tea and rinses in these convenient, simple to use, and ecologically friendly tea infusers! These filters are ideal for those who dislike the mess that comes with with loose herbs. Made from 100% natural, unbleached, and chlorine free paper

You’ll find compostable filter bags as options for:

These paper shaker tubes are made of pure compressed paper and are wholly biodegradable (note, however, they they are not refillable!).

You’ll find these paper tubes as options for:

Zero Waste Beauty you can feel Good About

All these more eco-friendly packages? Cost way more. The old plastic bags I was using for my hair colors were TEN TIMES cheaper than the compostable packages, but your response has shown you’re willing to pay a few extra cents to help the planet.

I do my very best to make NightBlooming a place where every order feels like a gift, and having Zero Waste beauty options means there’s no icky feeling left over.

10 thoughts on “Zero Waste Beauty at NightBlooming”

  1. As I wrote on Instagram this is one of the things that I love about your store! And of course I’m willing to pay for the extra cost! 😀

    The first time I bought the Selkie spray I got the bottle. Since then, the glass part has been inside the dishwasher several times. The label has lost its colour, but the bottle is as great as ever and the new refilling packages are great!

    I might be weird, but I actually feel like my purchases are more luxurious when I get glass and paper containers 😛 Probably because I’ve come to associate plastic with “cheap plastic stuff”. But also because I find the paper ones with your logo on them are so beautiful! <3

    1. I don’t think you’re weird at all! I feel the same way about glass and paper over plastic. And if you ever want a new label for your Selkie, just remind me with your next order and I can pop one in the package for you!

  2. Thank you so much for your commitment to this. I’ve been shifting more and more of my spending to eco-friendly options over the years, and I really appreciate that I can feel great about buying from Nightblooming every step of the way.

    1. It’s sincerely my pleasure and worth the fuss (and expense). Before I swapped to the compostable bags I’d just look over at a giant pile of Fire Genasi and grimace at all the plastic. Now I’m excited every time I get to stick one of those little stickers that says “compostable” on the bag 😆

  3. Melissa – can I say once again how very much I just LOVE your company? Your products are superiorly exceptional – but the packaging is so next level that everyone needs to do this so we have better hair AND a better world! <3 Thank you for all you do!

    1. Thank you so much! I know I’m not perfect, but I appreciate that you can see the effort and mindfulness I put into my packaging! It’s really important to me that people not feel I’m sending a bunch of plastic waste that they have to feel bad disposing of when I want them to instead be excited about the products they ordered!

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