Custom Oil Blends for Laura

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Three custom oil blends in 2 ounce bottles:

  • Eventide: $29
  • Aamon: $42

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    Oil Blend: Use the dropper to apply tiny drops or fine lines of oil to the scalp and gently massage in with your fingers. Leave on at least two hours prior to washing. For the length of your hair or beard, apply a few drops to your palms, rub them together and gently smooth over the ends.

    Mister: Light, dewy, and fragrance filled! Shake well and mist . Avoid face and eyes.

    Essential Oil: Add directly to your essential oil diffuser or used at proper dilution in your own creations. Not skin-safe undiluted.


    Oils and misters last ~6 months unrefrigerated, up to a year refrigerated. Shelf life depends on storage conditions (keeps longer when cool). Essential oil blends last two years or more, undiluted.

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    2 reviews for Custom Oil Blends for Laura

    1. Laura R. (verified owner)

      I like to get the 2 oz bottles for variety, and the fact that my hair isn’t super long yet. Melissa is always super kind and accommodating. I definitely am a repeat customer!

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    2. Laura (verified owner)

      I tend to need smaller quantities than 4 oz, and Melissa has always been kind in acquiring 2oz bottle options. I really love the custom blends and try and branch out to different scents on the summer, while keeping a stock of my usual.

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