Psychevibes: Raven Queen’s Chosen and Dragonsblood Oil Review


On her entrancing blog, Psychevibes reviews Raven Queen’s Chosen and Dragonsblood Oil.


PsychevibesHer conclusion?

Although the blog is in French, it’s easy to translate, but I’ve taken the liberty of translating her conclusion.

Honestly, I like the three products as well. Nevertheless, I particularly love the smell of this oil synergy. Indeed, sandalwood is one of my favorite fragrances. With this smell, I feel in another universe, totally bewitched, barely conscious of what is really going on …

As far as the effectiveness of the product, I would say it fits perfectly are work. It gives a lot of shine to my hair, flexibility, texture but not really volume, like the other two. It is a product that I like very much, by the stories of its ingredients, its original composition but also because applying it on my skull and a real escape.


psychevibes raven-queen-night-blooming roses

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