NightBlooming LOC (Liquid Oil Cream) Method

Keeping moisture in hair is challenging, and moreso in winter. Cold, dry air saps moisture and leaves tresses dry, dull, and brittle-feeling. The NightBlooming LOC (Liquid Oil Cream) Method uses your favorite NightBlooming products to get moisture into your hair, and keep it there. While LOC is favored by curly and kinky hair owners, any head of hair suffering from dryness will benefit!

What Is The LOC (Liquid Oil Cream) Method

The concept of LOC is not new and there are a million variations, but at its core it uses three types of product in sequence:

  • L a Liquid: a water-based product that hydrates the hair.
  • O an Oil: a high-quality natural oil to seal in the hydration
  • C a Cream: a smoothing product to close the hair cuticle

That liquids impart moisture seems obvious, but there are a lot of non-water-based products out there that claim to moisturize hair. Hydration is quite literally tied to water, and the product for this step can have other ingredients in it, but water should be one of the first ingredients.

One of the most common questions I get is, “Which of your oils is the most moisturizing?” I attribute this to the common misconception that that oils are moisturizing, when in reality they impart important lipids and fatty acids, which add softness and flexibility to the hair shaft. Oils are also emollients, more specifically, occlusives, which form a thin, moisture-locking barrier atop the skin and hair cells that reduces the evaporation of moisture.

The cream portion of the method smooths the cuticle, keeping in the moisture imparted in the L-step and the fatty acids and lipids introduced in the O-step. It also adds slip and shine to the hair.

oiling damaged hair

How to apply the LOC products to hair

  1. Liquid: Wet hair. This can be in the shower or with a very generous amount of your L-product. Apply the L-product and ensure that all strands of hair are coated. Gently squeeze excess moisture from the hair, but do not allow it to dry completely.
  2. Oil: Add a drop or two of an oil to your hands, rub them together, and smooth through the hair, focusing on the ends and working upwards in small sections. Repeat as needed, but do not over-oil. Your hair shouldn’t feel coated or greasy.
  3. Cream: Scoop / dab a small amount of product into your palms, rub them together, and smooth through the hair. Repeat and work in sections. Curlies, this is where you scrunch and use your favorite method to define your curls!
  4. Allow to dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer, microfiber towel, or other drying method that will undo all your hard work!


Generally, it’s best to use natural products as they, unlike silicone products, still allow the hair to take in additional moisture. All NightBlooming products are silicone-free and were developed to harmonize with one another. Their scents are mild and natural, with no heavy, competing fragrances. Having sample sizes makes it easy to try different combinations to find what works best for you!

Liquid NightBlooming Products

Selkie Natural Hair Detangler.

Selkie Herbal Detangler

Selkie is not only full of fantastic detangling ingredients without employing silicone, vegetable glycerine, or other products that can build up, it is also intensely moisturizing. What this means is that your hair can drink up as much Selkie as it needs, supping on moisture-intense ingredients such as aloe vera and an infusion of marshmallow root, slippery elm, and fenugreek. It also contains small amounts of many light oils (argan, borage, camelina, and vitamin E) which helps keep that moisture in. As a finishing touch, a bit of apple cider vinegar makes this perfectly pH balanced to help the cuticle of the hair close tight, which also keeps moisture within the hair.  You can mist both the scalp and the length of the hair for moisturizing and detangling without the need to wash afterwards! For especially dry hair, consider a Selkie Soak.  Our refill pouches and paperbottle refills are perfect for this.  You can either squeeze the pouch over your scalp and work it down through the hair, applying more as you go, or use a cup and bowl and follow the directions for the herbal rinses.

Herbal Rinses

Herbal rinses are full of moisture and conditioning properties, and can also be added to other treatments for an extra moisturizing boost! Our Sunlit Meadow rinse is perfect for hair or scalps in need of moisture and conditioning, while our Forest Glade is ideal for those who want moisture, but need a little astringency to combat oil production. You can add an extra moisturizing boost to either of these rinses by adding 1 TB of honey per cup of rinse.  Either of these rinses also makes an excellent liquid component to our many herbal hair colors and conditioners.

Essential Oil Misters

Signature Essential Oil Misters are light, dewy fragrance-filled misters using all-natural ingredients! No fragrance oils, only essential oils, absolutes and C02 Extracts. Either choose from our many Signature Oil Blends, or come up with your own perfect, personalized blend!

Oil NightBlooming Products

Inspired Oil Blends

Mixes of quality carrier oils and essential oils, you’re sure to find a blend you love. Find character-inspired blends from Critical Role, The Iyarri Chronicles, and specialty blends like Triple Moon, Tenderhead, and Hinoki Hair Growth.

Cream NightBlooming Products

Fëathelas Healing Salve

This rich, whipped salve is a leave-in conditioner, damage preventer, and all around invaluable. Fëathelas Healing Salve not only imparts a rich dose of moisture, it also contains a host of herbal conditioning properties, and then seals it all in with a smooth finishing shine.

Give LOC a try with the Restorative Hair Healer’s Kit

The Restorative Hair Healer’s Kit has everything you need for the LOC method in one lovely package. It contains Alluvial (to remove mineral buildup from your hair), Selkie Herbal Detangler, your choice of herbal rinse, Faerie Dust Herbal Conditioner, and Fëathelas Healing Salve.  You can add on any  Signature Oil Blends that catch your fancy!

Rehabilitating Damaged Hair Naturally: A Guide also has comprehensive lists of over 50 types of natural oils, what their properties are, and how to use them. It also includes guides on how to oil hair, and additional recipes (such as fermented rice water!) to try in your NightBlooming LOC Method experimentation.


  • If you have very fine hair, you might need very little of each of the Oil and Cream products
  • Scalps rarely need the rich conditioning that LOC gives, so only apply the oil and cream products from the ears down.
  • Experiment with different products, but only change out one at a time. If you find your hair weighted down, next time try fractionated coconut oil rather than a heavier oil like avocado, for example. Changing everything at once won’t let you hone in on what the problem is, or how to fix it.
  • Try different product amounts. You may find your hair needs a good soak in Selkie, just a tiny smidge of oil, and a greater amount of one of our hair salves.

Let us know in the comments what’s worked best for you!

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