15% Evergreen Discount & Special Perks for Patrons!

Patrons are my customers who support my creative endeavors at the next level. They provide ongoing support to me every month, and in return they get special gifts and rewards.

Patron Perks

All levels of support help keep this little one-woman business afloat, enabling me to shoulder big material purchases, or invest in creating new products.

15% Evergreen Discount

The NightBlooming Evergreen Discount is a 15% off ongoing discount for everything at NightBlooming.

So long as you’re pledging at the $7 / month tier or higher, every month you’ll get a special Patrons-only discount code for 15% off EVERYTHING in the store. Every month. No more waiting for sales, no more frustrating just-missed-a-sale experiences. The discount will be there, whenever you want to place any order, for Patrons who are lending me their continual support.


Sound fantastic? Then become a Patron today!

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