Foolproof Braided Henna Root Touchup Application

Henna darkens with each application, so if you have a color you love, you’ll want to change to just touching up your roots. Getting the mud where you want it, and not missing sections, is the most challenging part of root touchup.

This method is especially nice if you have to go it alone and don’t have a second set of hands to help, or a second set of eyes to make sure you didn’t miss spots on the back of your head. It uses braids to keep the hair sectioned and contains the ends so they’re not tangling as you work.

Begin by sectioning the hair into several braids. The more sections you have, the easier it is to ensure proper root coverage, but consider 5 or 6 to be a good number to start with. Instead of braiding tight to the scalp, leave the first inch or two of each braid loose enough for you to be able to easily push your fingers into the hair.

Starting at the nape of the neck, pick up each section one braid at a time, and work mud into the loose base of the braid. Massage the mud down to the scalp and into all of the loose hair.

Finish by coating the hairline and nape hairs. Then wrap everything up in plastic wrap and add a warm hat before letting it sit for several hours. Take out the braids before you rinse out the mud, feel free to rinse one section at a time as well.


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