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Moondust Herbal Dry Shampoo

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Moondust Herbal Dry Shampoo begins on bed of Organic Orris Root that is is enhanced with a bouquet of herbal powders and essential oils to clean hair and leave a fresh, herbal scent behind.

Aroma: Dusky midnight florals on a bed of violets.

This natural dry shampoo blends the amazing properties of Triple Moon Blend and Færie Dust Herbal Hair Conditioner to give you smooth, silky, clean hair without the need for water. Each batch of Moondust takes a full lunar month to make. Its preparation is started at the Full Moon, the most potent of all lunar phases, and is finished at the next Full Moon. Hair care by the moon is an old practice, and some tales say that even cutting your hair by the moon can grant different effects. Trim on the New Moon and your hair will grow faster. Trim on the Full Moon and your hair will grow thicker and fuller.

Moondust Dry Shampoo Ingredients

Orris Root, Corn Starch, Horsetail (Shavegrass, Equisetum arvense), Yellow Dock (Rumex crispus), Burdock Root Powder (Arctium lappa), Marshmallow Root Powder (Althaea officinalis), Aloe Vera Root, Hibiscus Flower (Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis), Stinging Nettle Leaf (Urtica dioica), Nettle-Infused Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Bay Essential Oil, Birch Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, German Chamomile Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Red Thyme Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Sage Essential Oil, and Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.

What’s a dry shampoo?

A dry shampoo is a powdered substance used to clean the hair where it isn’t practical or desirable to use water and traditional shampoo. Dry shampoos work by soaking up oil and dirt on the scalp and then both the shampoo and the trapped dirt is brushed out of the hair. Some of the benefits of Moondust include:

  • Stretching Washes- Moondust will clean the hair without overstripping the scalp and stimulating it to produce more oil. This lets you go longer in between traditional washes and helps retrain your scalp to produce less oil.
  • Preserving Color & Treatments- If you use chemical hair dyes, washing causes the color to fade faster than anything. Dry shampoos remove the oils in your hair, but not the color. Also, if you’ve had a brazilian blowout or a keratin treatment, you’re instructed not to wash your hair for several days. Dry shampoo makes this easy and won’t interfere with your treatment!
  • No water needed!- No need to take a lengthy shower just to clean your hair! It’s great for camping, after the gym, or anytime you’re strapped for time, but just need to freshen up your locks.


Do not use on clean hair. Comb hair until free of tangles. Section hair and lightly sprinkle Moondust as close to the scalp as possible, or apply with a blush brush. Gently work through hair near the scalp with fingers. Let sit 15 minutes. Brush Moondust Dry Shampoo from hair with a boar bristle (or similar) brush. You may choose to cover your brush with cheesecloth to help collect the powder. Repeat if necessary. The glass spice jar has a flip top, one side with holes for shaking, the other larger in case you ever need to extract a larger amount from the jar. Inside is a black nylon screen that helps ensure a fine application of Moondust.


Store the Moondust Dry Shampoo in a cool, dark and dry place.

Additional Resources

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Moondust is inspired by hair care practices dictated by the moon: when to trim, deep treat, or oil for faster growth or thicker hair.

Read the article.

Silicones, waxes, and non-natural oils can build up in hair over time making it coated, locking out moisture, and impeding dye uptake from natural dyes.

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16 reviews for Moondust Herbal Dry Shampoo

  1. MoonlitFairy

    Such a wonderful dry shampoo- down to the scent and ease of use. Didn’t cause extra oiliness unlike the spray varieties I’ve tried, adds nice volume, and I was easily able to stretch to another wash day.

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  2. Liliya S. (verified owner)

    Definitely much better than drugmart sprays.

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  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Christmas gift!

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  4. Elaina C. (verified owner)

    Haven’t used it very much but so far I really like it!

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  5. Janell (verified owner)

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  6. Janell (verified owner)

    I LOVE the Moondust Herbal Dry Shampoo! It doesn’t make my scalp dry and itchy like other dry shampoos I’ve tried and it’s easy to apply. I use the powder brush method, which helps me apply the Moondust where I need it on my scalp.

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  7. Ashley T. (verified owner)

    Love this stuff! Best dry shampoo I’ve ever used. I hate the aerosol feeling where my roots feel crunchy. This soaks up excess oil, gives volume & makes my hair feel great!

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  8. asherose (verified owner)

    Love this stuff! This is way better than store bought dry shampoos. Those aerosol ones usually work okay, but they make my scalp itchy and no matter how well I brush it out, they leave flakey residue and roots that felt weirdly crunchy. This one brushed out perfectly, and made my hair look clean and volumized. Best of all, I cannot find any residue or flakes on my scalp and there is no itching. It actually FEELS fresh and clean to the touch, it doesnt just APPEAR clean like other dry shampoos. I’ll be honest, I only added on a sample packet of this to hit the free shipping price, but now I’m planning on getting the full size next order!

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  9. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

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  10. Coral (verified owner)

    This dry shampoo lasts forever and works better than any spray I’ve tried (and it smells better too). Plus I appreciate the quality containers that I can refill instead of one-use aerosols.

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  11. Lynndsey Stancombe (verified owner)

    I have been using this on and off for years! I always come back to it because I love it!

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  12. Barbara M. (verified owner)

    Excellent dry shampoo. Works best when applied by brush to the scalp.

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  13. Bianca Marinkovic (verified owner)

    The perfect dry shampoo! How I use it successfully as a curly: I apply it to different areas of my scalp with a makeup brush, massage it in with my fingers, then let it sit for a few minutes while I work on refreshing my ends. After that, I flip my head upside down, work my fingers through my hair at the scalp, and shake/tousle to distribute the powder down the length (since brushing curly hair is blasphemy).

    If I’m using it just before a workout to help with sweat, I’ll hold on the upside down tousle step until after the workout, once everything’s dried so that the shampoo has had a chance to do its absorbent work.

    Moondust adds so much gorgeous volume and doesn’t show at all against my dark brown hair! Bonus points for smelling and feeling so fresh, unlike other dry shampoos I’ve tried that leave me feeling greasy. It actually makes me feel CLEAN. My scalp is happy :>

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  14. CSC29 (verified owner)

    I was lured into trying this by the Orris Root component, which is an ingredient in many 19th-century hair powders, i.e. the days before indoor plumbing and daily washing. If you want to wash your hair once a week or less, this is an excellent product to keep your roots from looking too oily or your scalp from itching. It has also helped mask “dirty hair” smell and even prevented it thanks to its cleansing properties and high absorption–less oil equals less bacteria equals less smell. It has its own fragrance that is somewhat “green” and earthy: unusual but not unpleasant, and not very strong. Unlike other natural dry shampoos, Moondust disappears pretty completely into my dark hair. I get the best results when I apply some to my roots at bedtime and let the powder sit overnight, before combing it through in the morning. It has also really helped with that weird post-pillow back-of-the-head flatness because it adds a little “grit” to the hair there to I can redirect the roots with a comb or brush. I really like it and I think it is better for my scalp than other powder or aerosol dry shampoos–and it makes me feel like an 1800s lady when I use it!

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  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This dry shampoo wasn’t for me, I have a sensitive scalp and the grittiness of the texture was a bit irritating/itchy, but the smell is really nice and it did the job of absorbing grease and making hair look fresh.

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  16. Shannon (verified owner)

    I think for some folks this would be fantastic. I loved the scent, and it did a good job dealing with excess oil at the roots, but the texture was too gritty. But, to clarify, the texture wasn’t a detriment to it working – it was just an issue with my fidgeting, and the tendency to fixate on texture that is out of place. If you’re not super fidgety and prone to hyper-fixating on grainy texture at the scalp, this is absolute a functional dry shampoo with a really pleasant, non-obtrusive, woodsy/botanical scent.

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