Moondust Dry Shampoo Zero Waste Packaging

Moondust Herbal Dry Shampoo has gotten a Zero Waste facelift! A compressed paper sifter tube has replaced the glass and plastic spice jars.

Moondust Herbal Dry Shampoo NIghtBlooming Zero Waste Hair Care Lunar Hair Care

Lighter to ship, and breaks down

The paper tubes are lighter weight, which helps manage both shipping costs and the carbon cost of shipping.

The tubes are sturdy and biodegradable (though you might need to smash them down a bit to get them to compost rapidly). 

The lid is also perfect for tapping some Moondust into, and then applying it with a blush brush. 

Continuing to focus on Sustainable Packaging

I’ve made huge strides to change my packaging to eco-friendly, compostable, and recyclable options. I wrote an article about Zero Waste Beauty at NightBlooming, and there are other products I want to convert yet.

All these planet-friendly options are the right thing to do, but they’re also way more expensive. A plastic baggie for an herbal hair color would run me about 3 cents, but the compostable pouch is 35 cents. I put a lot of thought into how to navigate these changes without raising my prices much, and being transparent about why, when I have to.

I was able to upgrade Moondust without changing the price, but it was a stretch. To get the price per unit to be the same as the glass and plastic spice jars I had to buy 500 of the paper sifter tubes for $800 (and then another $45+ to ship them to me).

 So while on the surface it seems like the paper sifter tubes should have been less expensive, they were actually quite a bit more so unless I bought a few years worth of them all at once. A giant shoutout to my Patrons, because the extra support they give me every month enables me to shoulder big expenses like this.

I tested a bunch of tubes to find the right one for Moondust. I even considered some of the little ones for samples, but ultimately they were just too expensive compared to the small compostable pouch. 

NightBlooming Moondust Herbal Dry Shampoo

The entire Moondust family is now biodegradable!

It’s important to note that you can’t refill the paper shaker tube (there’s an adhesive disc on the bottom, which isn’t designed to be removed and re-attached).

The Refill pouches are now best served to either refill the glass jar that many of you already have, or to use to refill an old spice jar or other container that you have at home.

The sample size, too, will only be offered in the compostable pouch in the future.

I have a limited supply of the glass and plastic jars and the plastic sample sifter jars left, but when those are gone, they’re gone forever.

Application is easy!

My favorite way to apply Moondust is with a blush brush. If you have an old one, it’s a perfect way to give a less-than-perfect makeup brush another way to be of service. Just lightly roll the brush in Moondust, tap off the extra, and apply Moondust to the hair near the scalp.

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